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Café Piranha


In our Café Piranha you can either have coffee while waiting for the start of your tour or you can make it the last part of your aquarium visit. With stylish design and decoration, with aquarium hosting real predatory piranhas and with parrot aviary, it offers you tasty coffee and your children a wide choice of cakes, ice creams and drinks.

Café Piranha is obviously freely accessible not only for the aquarium visitors but also for general public. You can access our Café using the black stairway on the south wall of the building. For those who need it we also have a lift.


Evening relaxation - Giant aquarium just for the Two of You

Experience what its like to spend an evening on the bottom of a tropical pool alone with your beloved one. We are ready to arrange the evening according to your wish, ranging from romantic light dinner all the way to undisturbed relaxation with your favourite music and lots of fish around.

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