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For travel agencies

Giant aquarium is a popular sight for various tours bringing visitors from neighboring countries. It is an integral part of all tours focused on Hradec Kralove and its surroundings and often we welcome also tours just passing through Hradec. We have a long term relationship with several tour operators.

If you are a tour operator and you consider including our Giant aquarium in your tours, here what we can offer:

  • Booking of a particular date / term for a smooth flow of your visit
  • Booking of multiple consecutive tours of the aquarium in case your numbers exceed our tour capacity
  • If desirable, we can provide an interpreter speaking the required language (need to book in advance)
  • Preparing an individual package according to your wish (eg. including our conference room rental, adjusting the tour content or duration etc.)
  • In case of long term cooperation we can offer discounted admission for your tour participants

Advance booking of a tour is recommended for any group of 15 people and more. You can book your tour calling +420 495 534 555 or filling the form below.

If you are interested in a long term cooperation, please fill in the form below or call Mrs. Smeralova at +420 602 583 162.


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